10 Artiste With The Most Exotic Music Videos From North 2022

10 Artiste With The Most Exotic Music Videos From North 2022

The music industry is so much crowdy with dope music videos this first quarter of the year 2022, artiste most especially from the north side are giving out lavishing music videos that are of international standard.

Abokimusic is all day surviving on researches, bringing fresh, thrilling and updating entertaining news that are worthy to serve so nourishing as that pizza and juice from us, today one of our very own team member decided to come up with a new topic that will definately wow our lovely visitors, it is a lineup collection of the topmost music videos from the most hardworking a-listing celebrities hailing from the northern part of Nigeria.

We all know Music Videos are contents that needs some up-keeping scenes, displays that will look so nice on the eyes of viewers. For an artiste to concur fans massively one really has to craft out some kind smooth motion contents that will gain him excessive quality.

We listed out the 10 good visuals released recently that will never let your nerves down, songs that have unexpected motions, you really need to watch them and rate the music video lineups featuring stars as Ozee King Khalifa, Soja Boy, Namenj, DJ Ab, JKaps, Joe Shigma and others.

Here are the 10 Artiste With The Most Exotic Music Videos From North 2022

10. JKaps

9. Maidawa

8. Larabeey

7. Mr 442

6. Namenj

5. Madox TBB

4. King Khalifa

3.  DJ Ab

2. Soja Boy

  1. Ozee

Watch The Videos That Made The Countdown Ratings Below ⇓

10. AMEN by JKaps



9. ADA by Maidawa featuring Various Artistes


8. Zuciya by Larabeey


7. Mace by Mr 442


6. Baby Nagode by Namenj


5. Rayuwa by Madox TBB


4. Sunana by King Khalifa ft Ls Vee


3. Ina Da by DJ Ab


2. Nishadi by Soja Boy


1. Cheddah by Ozee ft Gbuncho


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