Consistency Is The Hardest But Most Lucractive Form Of Strategy In Music – Jazzkido Dan Masani

When developing a profession that is on the rise, consistency retains the majority of the power.

Consistency will never become dependent on an algorithm as an organic way to achieve success. Even if it’s the trickiest tactic to put into practice, I can say that it’s the best way to be heard and stay in the public eye.

The capacity of stars like BOC, ClassiQ, Dj Ab, Bash Neh Pah, King Khalifa, Morell, and Kheengz, among others, to stay active in the game no matter the weather is one of the main reasons why their careers continue to flourish.

Today, I’d want to say a few words about how Bishopswaggs’ consistency helps him maintain his grind for years without faltering.

Bishopswagg is without a doubt one of the highest in the room right now; he is renowned as the Instagram most celebrated freestyler from the northside.

He is a rapper who sleeps with bars spilling out of his jaws, and his never-ending exploits are immeasurably notable.

Almost all of the current hit songs have been recreated by Nagari Na Kowa. His covers make Hausa more digestible to the ear, and he makes sure that every word he spits out improves upon the original entry.

He is currently the top Northern artist with the most exact song covers making waves online.

All of this was made possible by his unending attitudes, which have begun to pay off as he stands out as the leading ambassador for Hausa vibes across the southern region.

In summary for a successful career try and be consistent like Bishopswaggs

Written by: Jazzkido

Watch Bishopswagg Freestyle Below;

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