How To Become a Successful Blogger 2020

How To Become a Successful Blogger 2020

How To Become a Successful Blogger 2020 – Hello my men! welcome back to my platform where we educate the passionate ones! i believe by now you guys must have read my previous posts and all that? If yes then congratulations to you! you are learning a lifetime stuff where some is currently using his/her money to learn but here you are learning for free!!


In this tutorial i am going to show you all the necessary steps to take to become a successful blogger especially on the music niche, in this tutorial we are going to focus on music niche because that’s my favorite niche since i entered this blogging industry. Keep reading below let me tell u a brief story about myself,

I have this friend who is into blogging and passionate about it, but due to his dynamic blog and bulky work, he had to ask me to join him whereas i don’t know shit about blogging but i said to myself i must learn. That’s how i became a blogger. Keep reading below and see how became a successful blogger.


  1. Always pray, From the very first day you done designing your blog, just start praying! God first before any other thing
  2. Source for trending topics or music: As a music blogger you have multiple task to complete in other to be always ontop of your game! The task is to keep your eyes on the trend and publish as soon as it drops
  3. Consistency we say is the key! You are good at posting and seo but you are not consistent then there’s a problem, google will always want a fresh content from you, so keep posting them on regular
  4. Flee from copy and paste! that thing kills blog in no time!

Guys let me rest here! we will continue on our next tutorial. Kindly support us by sharing the article with friends and family . Thank you and goodbye.

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