How To join the “Stingy Men Association” of Nigeria (SMAN)

Create Your stingy men association Id on Your Phone

How To join the “Stingy Men Association” of Nigeria

#stingymenassociation is becoming a trend on Twitter as Don Jazzy joins the “Stingy Men Association” of Nigerian, SMAN.


“Ahh registration complete o. E don be o” Don jazzy wrote on Instagram.

On the identity card which he posted, the motto of the organisation reads “Let Me See What I Can Do”

Before #stingymenassociation became a trend on social media, a zambian man was reportedly arrested for assault after he beat up his wife when she asked money to make her hair.

Zambianobserver reported.

Mrs Mweembe “the wife to the suspect” asked her husband money for her hair a week ago but the husband kept replying he is now a member of SMAZ and can’t afford to give her a K150 but rather a K10. It started like a joke explained the injured wife who was later rushed to Ndola Teaching Hospital..

12 ways to join Stingy Men Association of Nigeria

  1. No dates, no birthday showers, no baby showers
  2. When she says, I miss you, I love you, reply a day later
  3. If she ask you for money or urgent 2k, block her and delete her number
  4. Dont ever send her transport money or airtime, you are not her father
  5. A stinger should fake a call to rush somewhere if she brings her friend during a date or shopping.
  6. Don’t offer to pick up your dates let her trek or take a bus
  7. When she ask for money, A man should say:
  8. let me see what I can do
  9. I wish you had told me earlier
  10. I am expecting some money next week
  11. let me call you back
  12. I will let you know or any other excuses to avoid billing.
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