The Four Horsemen EP [Full Album Review]

The Four Horsemen Ep Album Review
The Four Horsemen Ep Album Review

The Four Horsemen Ep Album Review




The freshest most trending project that was crafted by the top northern OG’s in the game as Dj Ab, B O C Madaki, Kheengz and Deezell beholds the standard quality to revolve and switch the entertainment focus.

The Four Horsemen EP houses 4 solid tracks with most of them mixed by the YNS act DJ Ab and Khaymix.

The song is reviewed accordingly on the tracklist.Β πŸ‘‡

  1. 240 ft DJ Ab, Deezell & Kheengz

My first reaction after slamming 240 was “Yeey this EP is the real bomb” the good lyrical man as DJ Ab hosted this tune and his coming through from the beginning laces with quality rhymes and he chooses to work technically alongside Deezell and YFK Kheengz.

The song might ball as the new street anthem caved for the festive and new year season.

2. Burouba ft Kheengz, DJ Ab & Deezell

The second vibe Burouba flamed in with few tempos that rhyme as that of Karara Instrumental, the song was hosted by Kheengz which he merges fully equal alongside DJ Ab and Deezell.

The simple hook lines is the catchy phrase YFK infuse to their listener’s mouth and the song got perfect instrumentation that will chase many to the dance flow with immediate effect.

3. Real Shit ft B O C Madaki, Kheengz & DJ Ab

Real Shit remains that very real thing off The Four Horsemen, the jam is brought to life by the Northy By Nature crooner B O C Madaki alongside DJ Abba and Kheengz.

Real Shit is more like a gratifying song giving you a thumbs up after good work is done. The song got rich bars capable to handle loads of bad moods.

4. T4HM Cypher ft Kheengz, DJ Ab, B O C Madaki & Deezell

The T4HM Cypher remains the most played off the project having all the four horsemen glued to the beat. T4HM is twice hard as any other cypher off the street a bit better than CDQ Henessy cypher.

All the lyrical headies preaches uniformly with unique words that can be a vaccine to the boring weather. This for me is one song I’ll listen to every Monday to cushion and motivate me for the week.


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