Top 10 Hottest Music Videos Currently Rocking The Northern Industry (No.1 Is Too Lit )

Top 10 Hottest Music Videos 2020

Top 10 Hottest Music Videos 2020


Everyone knows the standard means of promoting a song is by visualizing it, for a song to penetrate further it will surely need a song video.

Giving music video embed the high chances of artiste exposure, gaining more fans and also generate revenue.

We have selected the 10 hottest Northern Music Videos that are rocking the industry 2020.

10. Babskid – Rahama Sadau Taban Maltina

Rahama Sadau Taban Maltina is a song meant to celebrate Rahama for her new ambassadorship with the biggest brand Maltina. Babskid makes sure he put out clean visuals that will build loads of happiness to his queen.

9. Lil Prince – Li Li

Li Li is the latest Lil Prince song gaining supersonic streams due to the massive rhyming bars he used all through.

The song’s visuals are of simple colored scenes with unique attractive outfits.

8. Don R – Zan Bada ft Buzu

Many people underrate Don R but his son Zan Bada with Buzu as guest appearance changes the whole mindset as they workout extremely great.

The video got some Northern Traditional attire displays and the concept worth to give it newer recognition.

7. Verse – Anyway

Anyway stands as one among Verse biggest export and giving it visuals doubled the penetration.

His newest mindset on the displays merges his name to an A-class category he delved into the theme of the song with the right lines blending well with each episode.

6. Larabeey – Emergency

Larabeey is one of the 2020 buzzing Northern act effectively running loads of works just to stamp his name on the right spot.

Emergency comes through wavy with a classical visual display that depicts to the song lyrics.

5. Ibee Lastking – 2sec ft ClassiQ

Ibee Lastking made a wavy pull out on 2 Sec featuring ClassiQ, the songlines are now taken as words of play in the street.

The song visuals took all the traffics as it was an international standard output.

4. Sojaboy – Connect

The 90 Days Fiancee Season 4 Member as Sojaboy breaks through 2020 with loads of hit songs and videos.

Connect serves as one of the recent songs with the most flashy visuals. This song ports through with unique perfection and all of the scenes were crushed with exotic looks from the handsome celebrity.

3. YNS – Ameen

Ameen is among the top-ranking newest video that the best Northern Label YNS comes through heavy on their new dropped video “Ameen“. Ameen’s video got super perfection as all of the tempos were caused by nice displays.

Ameen Video is a visual every Northerner should be proud of.

2. Deezell – Banaji ft Dj Ab

Deezell strikes harder with a good new dimension to the northern visual packages, he rocks up all the best sectors with scenes that are attractive to the eyes.

His outlet at Dubai with DJ Ab is the most expensive visuals we got this 2020. It is among the Top 5 Dj Ab featured Songs 2020.

  1. Hamisu Breaker – Jaruma

Hamisu Breaker breaks the soundscape with an extra dope display of a nice beat rhyming song he dropped just recently. Hamisu Breaks the record with his new drop “Jaruma” blending all of his moods with good looks and nice dimensions.

No long talk!! Everybody knows this song is a blast!!

What Can You Say bout These Videos?? Drop Your Favorite That Is Missing On The List



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