10 Hottest Artiste You Should Watchout For Before 2023 Runs Out

10 Hottest Artiste You Should Watchout For Before 2023 Runs Out

As a lover of good music one have to always stay around great content creators, artiste that are willing to allign with your moods and moments.

It is only those that are fully discipline and dedicating that can withstand the pressure of been consistent in the music industry.

Today one of Abokimusic Staff made a bold research and was able to hunt down those fully loaded heads willing to separate the atmosphere from boredom.

In this article, you will get explored with the 10 hottest acts that you should put an eye on before 2023 runs out. This big names are gearing high taste projects that will penetrate exclusively with the remaining half of the year.

I have amazing list of artiste that am 99.9% sure they are coming through with high voltage just to switch the melodic rhythm.

10 Hottest Artiste You Should Watchout For Before 2023 Runs Out

1. Scope Gee

The Nassarawa born and brought up breed is coupling maximal degrees of his musical force just to elaborate newer experiences and contextual knowledge into the music space.

Scope Gee has shown luxury taste on his just previous music visuals as he rampantly showcases balling attitudes and exotic mindset that attracts peoples eye balls.

He is surely fiercing the 2nd half of the year with dosages of vibes, body of works that will return our mindset on board for good.

Stream Vision By Scope Gee Below;

2. Klef Matinez

Klef Matinez
Klef Matinez

It is very clear that this young versatile act is going far with this his strategic voltage of vibes, his lyrical wise flow is adequate and worthy of every rap market.

The Stamina Crooner has some unique approach and switchy tongue that creates molded contents capable to absorb him large audience sooner than later.

He is one of the most streamed artiste on spotify last month of May, his single and 2 hot covers are still tracing newer fan bases across the Globe.

Stream Stamina Cover by Klef Matinez Below;

3. King Khalifa

King Khalifa
King Khalifa

The ability to maintain your stay in the game as an independent goon is way far the most hardest task to keep it rolling, King Khalifa has realistically showcase maximal capabilities that speaks high class and brainstorming ideas.

His approach on Zo Muje describes leading steps that will create wider space to control his next special drops.

His target is to capture the remaining half of 2023 with historic grooves that will last a whole decade.

Stream EX by King Khalifa Below;

4. Family Castle Music [FCM]


One of the unstoppable brand right now is FCM, this group of talent is so choked up with mainstream contents able to rebrand the industry situation.

The 3 naughty good content creators as Kalito, Khalid Jones and Jhay Wonder are primarily more focused in convincing their fans through proven works. The song Ba Magana which was just few days of release have been carried by popular radio stations, blogs with massive streams on Audiomack platform.

The team are working tirelessly for a very captivating moment through the 2nd part of the year.

Watch Be Yours Video Below;

5. Son Of Jigawa

Son Of Jigawa
Son Of Jigawa

He is that prolific rapper with modern style of rap, his doings are adequate to enhance the hausa vibes and melodies. Son Of Jigawa is purely ready to serve the remaining quarter of the year with the best taste of his grooves.

The powerful rapper is branding huge content just to chase off every bad moods amongst his fans.

Stream Dope Video Below;

6. Wax j

Wax J
Wax J

You are still missing alot if you are yet to discover Wax J, the newest street talent has submitted massive numbers that are yielding proper stand for his name in the game. Songs like Liqurose, Breezy, Thabang are still powerful on most of the digital market.

His abilities and superpowers have made him stand out and respectful as he keeps striking the street with high value sounds day by day.

Stream Chigaba Da Gashi Video Below;

7. Malam6ix

This young duo have that dominating character, his vocal arrangements are dope and very clear to apprehend. He recently worked equal force alongside one of the topmost singer Nura M Inuwa as they spark bubbling sound labeled “Tarairaya”.

His songs as Lasisi, Kewa, Aure are gorgeous tunes that will rock your playlist, Malam6ix is willing to lavish the remaining half of 2023 with good music only.

Watch Tarairaya Video Below;

8. Babskid

Very smart, hardworking young man with ambitions to take down every bad sounds off the streaming market. Babskid have been offering high IQ jams with superb production lately.

Songs as Hutu, Semovita, Bakada Sisi are enough to tell you this boy is coming in wavy. His approach seems heavy as he is willing to extremely switch the activities for the remaining months of the year.

Stream Rahama Sadau Tabani Maltina Video Below;

9. YoungCee

No doubt this jiggy is one of the best afrobeats tycoon of this era, his lyrics got class and every of his vibes are worth to rank amongst every list of good music. Songs as Lay Lay, Lagbaja are still milking good recognition till date.

YoungCee promises to invade the remaining half with productive sounds better than our imaginations.

Stream Lay Lay Video Below;

10.  Ozee

Officer With Swag is never relenting for his position in the industry, he has never slacked down a bit for quite good number of years. Ozee have been powering interlectual afro sounds that matches the industry atmosphere.

Goga, Gigye, Dan Nassarawa are some of the street favorites that are not seizing off any moment from now. The singer who can also rap perfectly is gearing up for a very hot amazing moment through the remaining half.

Watch Cheddah Video Below;


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