Top 10 B O C Madaki Songs That Will Motivate You To Hustle

10 B O C Madaki Songs That Will Motivate You To Hustle

We all know B O C Madaki as that hardworking rapper with over 1000 features and no single bad songs. He is the rapper that have been dropping us back to back projects for over 10years now.

As a fan of B O C Madaki you might want to know his songs that are well packaged and structured, vibes that will put you on your fit at the place of work or hustle.

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In this article, Abokimusic Staff will provide you with the hottest B O C Madaki vibes that will motivate you to put in more hustle.

1. Zafi

This song is off the first ever heavyweight B O C Madaki Mixtape Album “No English Mixtape”. Zafi will make sure you are put in the right position of your hustle.

The song got some gingering rhymes and bars.

Stream Zafi Below;


2. Himma

One of the precious tune that beholds so much flavor and rhythms to a hustler is “Himma”, a song that purely describe what you need to do in other to move your craft forward.

B O C make sure this sound expresses the habits of a hustler with potential guidance that will make that hustle scale to a better height.

Stream Himma Below;


 3. Dan Iska

Play this song if you want to feel motivated on your hustle, the sound clearly states how you supposed to treat your hustle and make good living out of it.

Stream Dan Iska Below;


4. Nera

Offing the Northy By Nature project B O C merge equal synergy alongside C Man to spark out flourishing and outstanding number worthy to trigger you to hustle more.

The song was splashes equity message as they work alongside one of the prominent singer Stesh.

Stream Nera Below;


5.  On The Map

Northy By Nature is no doubt escentric quality project with smart and good relatable vibes, On The Map will take you closer to your hustle.

This jam will make you want to elevate and enrich your career.

Stream On The Map Below;


6. Idan Da Rai

Allah Ya Tsare is a gold plated project with no bad vibes, as someone wanting to scale your hustle “Idan Da Rai” is one of those adrenaline that will gear you to push for more.

Idan Da Rai got stained with quality alongside with Aljani Da Kida (Concept Man).

Stream Idan Da Rai Below;


7. Ahead Ahead

A track number 6 offing his joint project with Odumodu Blvck of which they tagged “The Drop”. Ahead Ahead is an anthem for hustlers, the vibes are pure inspirations and motivations.

It was featured alongside XL Spiff.

Stream Ahead Ahead Below;


8.  King Kunta

Vibe to this great sound if you want to hustle hard, put King Kunta on repeat and get everything done within few moments.

Stream King Kunta Below;

9. Yawo

As someone who is passionate about hustle Yawo could be that very jam you need to chill up your mind and fetch for more money.

The song is for hustlers whose hustle is attached to travel round the country.

Stream Yawo Below;


10. Kaya A Kasa

A true hustler is hardworking and always ready to take his feet onto the next spot, Kaya A Kasa also got that taste and vibes to entertain you will you hustle.

Stream Kaya A Kasa Below;



Stream B O C Madaki Latest Video Amarya Alongside Odumodu Blvck Below;


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